LOVE this: Davina McCall’s menopause sweatshirt

Davina McCall on Instagram (she knows she’s got lipstick on her teeth)


Earlier this year, TV presenter Davina McCall was trolled online for appearing on The Masked Singer in a figure-hugging dress that she was deemed far too  ‘wrinkly crinkly’ and ‘old,’ for. In response, the fabulous, super-fit 53-year-old said, ‘ Really sorry. Absolutely no chance of demure, over here. Growing old disgracefully is much more fun.’ Good for her. I don’t usually give this kind of thing any oxygen but last week an artist who posted an unfiltered picture of herself on Instagram was told she ‘needed to have work done’. If we don’t eliminate the boundaries, how do we make progress? It’s important to see women of all ages on TV and social media, wrinkles and all. People should be able to wear what they like and do what they like without being insulted by (often anonymous) strangers. What matters is to feel content and confident as we age, rather than constricted by outdated rules and miserably chasing eternal youth.

When I worked with Davina McCall on a project, she was absolutely lovely. That’s all anyone needs to know. Davina McCall is a decent human being. And good fun. I love this picture she posted on Instagram of the menopausing sweatshirt with what sounds like my internal dialogue printed on the front. The slogan sweatshirt is made by Crudely Drawn and available HERE.

I think they’re onto something. Now, what was I doing?