What to wear right now: the best flat shoes for spring


Carolyn Murphy in Milan 2019. Photo: Acielle at Style du Monde


This week as we tentatively slide out of lockdown (Sewing Bee is back on, I’ve had a haircut, things are looking up), I’m appreciating the ease of uniform dressing, more than ever. With a couple of business appointments in the diary, I wanted to look a bit more pulled-together and so went straight for the JJL: Jeans and a Jacket with Loafers. No messing. This is a faff-free outfit, a winning combination, I know I can rely on – particularly important when rushing to catch a train for the first time in six months. Finding shoes that will glide down the station steps and take you to-and-from meetings, no bother, is a no-brainer. Which is why I prefer to opt for timeless, run-around styles, such as loafers, brogues and old-school trainers (not the ones I’ve been schlepping round the park in for the last 12 months). My zero tolerance to sore feet approach feels even more valid after a year in Birkenstocks…

Spending an afternoon prepping my next big Telegraph photoshoot and trying-on a multitude of spring clothes, shoes  and accessories, convinced me that the kind of chic simplicity worn by Carolyn Murphy (pictured above in Milan) beats ‘summer flimsy’ every time. This is what I want to wear right now. Take an outstanding jacket, favourite jeans and a pair of well-made loafers  – add a cardigan and a big scarf if you’re in the UK, not Italy – and that’s your coming-out-of-lockdown outfit sorted.


Ready to ditch the lockdown trainers? The ace collaboration from H&M and Good News is well worth a look (though selling out fast). The London-based sneaker brand and Swedish high street giant have teamed up to release a small collection of sustainable sneakers guaranteed to lift your outfits as we step out of lockdown. Green-washing by big brands like H&M always makes me cynical of any sustainability claims, but the Good News founders argue that the collaboration is an opportunity to reach a bigger, more mainstream platform and to invest in new materials. ‘We really scrutinized this collaboration and want to have an open conversation about our findings, to educate people,’ co-founder Nia Jones said to WWD. ‘We’ve done our due diligence and felt like they’re a company who are constantly making themselves better. A black and white attitude will not solve the problem, and we want to be part of the solution.’

I’m a big fan of Good News ethos and social enterprise programme and own a couple of retro-inspired sneakers:


My Good News Opal sneakers – picked up half-price in a small, independent store in Peckham called Form SE15


The Good News H&M collab is almost sold out but there are still canvas high tops left, and some sneakers in larger sizes. Prices are £39.99 to £79.99.


More flat shoes for spring here:

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